These Modern Hanbok Pieces Can Be Worn All Year Long

Not to brag, but we pride ourselves on having an awesome Modern Hanbok collection. Every day, we scour South Korea and Korean brands for pieces that are not only traditional in silhouette and shape, but are also representative of global fashion trends. From high-end designers to more affordable options for both men and women, there’s a Hanbok or hanbok-inspired piece waiting to be a part of your everyday wardrobe.

As we approach the Lunar New Year, we’re discussing our favorite Modern Hanbok pieces that you can wear after the festivities are over:

These beautiful coats by LEESLE

L-R: Woman Korean Traditional Asymmetrical Coat, Woman Beige Maxi Coat

Winter essential, anyone? These pieces are lifelong investments you’ll want to keep in your closet forever. Sleek and elegant, LEESLE’s gorgeous wool coats bring a sense of upscale fashion to any outfit.


Hanbok, But Make It Denim

Not only are the Sapok Traditional Denim Pants extremely comfortable and chic, but they can also be dressed up or down. These unisex denim pants come with a distressed detail, making them ideal for casual days or Sunday brunches. You can even pair them with a graphic tee for an edgy aesthetic, making them extremely versatile for everyday.


The Hanbok Jeogori in “Brown” by S Hanbok

modern hanbok blouse

The blouse-y effect of this classy jeogori makes it perfect for workdays, job interviews, and professional events.


The Ultra-Versatile Classic Black Maru Pants

LEESLE‘s Classic Black Maru Pants are awesome because they’re made of flowing, comfortable material that can easily replace slacks or leggings in any casual outfit. They can also be dressed up for formal events because they’re tailored and sleek. The best part about these pants is that they’re unisex, making them perfect for an adorable couple’s #OOTD.


Hanbok Or Skater Dress?

modern hanbok dress

S-Hanbok‘s Hanbok dresses are awesome because they have a circle skirt effect that totally mimics the effect of a minidress — just pair ’em with your favorite pair of sneakers and you have a simple and cute outfit!


Have you ever worn a hanbok? Which of these Modern Hanbok looks is your favorite? Sound off in the comments!

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