The Coolest Korean Fashion Bags to Own Right Now

“I need this bag!” Does this sound familiar? Join the club! There are so many trendy styles we want this summer that we don’t even know where to start, so we decided to share our top 5 bag obsessions and see what you think.Oh, they also happen to be best-sellers, but that’s just a minor detail.

What’s in the Basket?

Pom Palm Tree Ribbed Bag
Straw. Check. Tassels. Check. Neon colors. Check again. Add micro size and a basket shape, and you’re looking at the superstar bagof the summer. The Pom Palm Tree Ribbed Bag by JUSTONE might be teeny, but it’s big enough to hold your essentials and make Thumbelina jealous.

Be the Messenger

Yet Be Baby Bag
Got a message to pass on? Say it with a bag. We recommend the Yet Be Baby Bag by icecream12. We hear logos are quite passé, and wearing real phrases with a meaning on your arm or shoulder rather than your tee is quite the thing now. Ready to make a statement?

X-Large Rules

Estherloveschuu Duffle Bag
If your purselooks like your travel bag, you are right on trend this summer. For once, we cannot complain about lack of space and practicality because larger than life duffle bags offer more room than we actually need. There you go. We have just disclosed the Korean fashion secret to being always ready for an impromptu gym session or weekend getaway with your love, introducing the Estherloveschuu Duffle Bag by chuu.

Round and Round You Go

Wood Circle Hand Bag
Large, firm and circular. These are the attributes of the coolest (and comfiest) bag handles of the season and one of our favourites is the Wood Circle Hand Bag by MOSSBEAN. They come in every material, from plastic to wood to metal, and you will just want to hold them. Simply perfect on crochet and straw bags, wouldn’t you say?

No Drawstrings, No Trend

Coloration Pouch Tote Bag

If you are going to opt for a bucket bag this season, make it an interesting one like the Coloration Pouch Tote Bag by MOSSBEAN. Practical drawstring carry-alls are both safe and chic, so give them a chance pronto and wear them with your cleanest cut outfits.

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Our KOODINGcollection of Korean fashion bags is ready to seduce you. Are you up to the challenge?

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