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How popular K-Fashion Brands Do Korean Winter Fashion (for Men & Women)

No one does cozy & trendy like K-fashion brands. We love seeing what top Korean fashion brands like Chuu, Basic House, and Mind Bridge bring out for the colder months and the Korean winter fashion trends that will define not only the season, but our wardrobes as well. 

As the cold weather months approach us (and while KOODING has their 15% off Early Winter Faves Sale), here are the hottest trends in Korean winter fashion to get you excited for the season:

Cool Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Korean style hoodies and sweatshirts are always in fashion for their versatility and unique designs. Winter 2019’s version combines muted hues with simple patterns and graphics for a minimalistic, understated look.

Pictured: Double Graphic Hoodie Sweatshirt, Cotton Block Lettering Point Sweatshirt

BASIC HOUSE’s selection of trendy Korean sweaters is the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe. Even better? Their range of sweaters and trendy hoodies are unisex, meaning anyone can find their ideal style with ease.


Fashionable Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks have always been a winter essential, but Chuu has taken it to the next level with their unique neck shapes. 

Pictured: Anyway Together Knit, Human Peach Knit Vol 7

From cut-out cold shoulder sweaters to wide-neck turtlenecks in the fluffiest of knits, Chuu’s selection of cute turtleneck, crewneck, and mock neck sweaters for winter 2019 are guaranteed to make you look chic while keeping warm. Pair them with your favorite pair of Chuu 5KG Jeans for a sleek and casual moment or a miniskirt for a preppy vibe.


Sleek Outerwear

2019 Korean winter fashion is all about looking effortlessly put together; that’s why Seoul’s most stylish are loving outerwear by Mind Bridge. The men’s, women’s, and unisex brand has great options for those looking to invest in a piece that’s not only trendy, but timeless.

Pictured: Cotton Span Single Washing Mc Coat, Wool Slimfit Single Coat

To keep it classic, we recommend opting for jackets and coats neutral colors, like oatmeal beige, navy, and gray.

So, what are your K-fashion faves this season? What trends have you been noticing? Sound off in the comments & save 15% off our early winter faves (for both men and women) for a very limited time!

Petite Women’s Clothing Brands You Haven’t Heard Of

Korean Women’s Clothing Brands

Good things come in small packages. Keep this quote in mind, especially if you are 5’4” or under (which is considered petite according to fashion industry guidelines). With your height, it may often be daunting to find beautiful clothes that fit you well, but do not despair! Korean fashion brands know petite women’s clothing incredibly well and our online collections are proof.

If you are petite, items that elongate your silhouette and complement your natural figure without making you look like you are drowning in them are key. Korean brand Cherrykoko has just what you are looking for.

Offering petite-friendly clothing like asymmetric dresses and skirts, high-waisted pants, or shirt dresses, Cherrykoko understands well the style needs of petit women. Pieces like three-quarter sleeved dresses, pencil skirts with ruffled hem, or cropped pants that hit just above the ankle are designed with petite women in mind creating the illusion of longer torsos and legs, and smoother silhouettes.

Make sure you also check brands like Sugarfun, J Style and Cherryville for elongating vertical stripes that add extra length, Mossbean and Deden for cropped skinny jeans, or Chuu and Icecream12 for wrap mini-skirts. Chuu also has some amazing cropped jackets that look best worn with tucked in tops and high-waisted pants. This trick creates the impression that your legs start exactly where your waist does, making them appear longer.

Roll up your sleeves, embrace asymmetric hems, bare your midriffs and stand tall on high heels, petite ladies! wants you to experiment and have fun with fashion and these Korean clothing brands will make your life easier yet more exciting. For more inspiration visit our collections and discover the brands that will flatter your frame without compromising on style.

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