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KOODING’s All New Beauty Studio

Korean skincare is leading the beauty world and that’s no secret. The main reason for its huge popularity is that Korean cosmetic brands focus on prevention instead of just aiming at instant results. Furthermore, Korean women begin taking care of their skin at an early age (which, in the long run, really pays off), instead of just trying to treat signs of aging when they are already visible, or mask flaws using makeup products or cosmetic procedures.

Hand in hand with clothing and accessories, glowing skin plays a large role in fashion. Radiant skin has constantly been the main beauty goal of every woman. Our philosophy is that skincare products are supposed to get at the root of skin problems, not just hide imperfections.

The Korean 10-step skincare routine is famous all around the world, and it seems to be working better than anything else we know. It’s a self-care ritual women not only find indulging, but fun and rewarding.

Translucent skin. Dewy glow. In-depth hydration. Sun protection.

Juice Cleanse Mask

With our range of advanced beauty and makeup products we aim to help our customers attain beautiful skin that complements their already established fashion style. Our New Beauty Studio is open to anyone who wants to enjoy some of the best Korean cosmetic brands and essential skin products such as, sheet masks, cleansers, toners and mists, lotions and emulsions, serums and treatments.

Stress Relieving Purefull - Cleansing Foam

Korean cosmetics made affordable and, most importantly, hyper-targeted to accommodate every skin issue you could think of. Order your Korean cosmetics online and enjoy fresh, youthful skin with a long-lasting glow. For further information and/or shop our online store please visits

Korean Fashion and Beauty – the Ultimate Mix for Cool Fashionistas

Korean beauty

What we know from experience is that fashion and beauty complement each other 100%. This explains why we are so happy that our brand new and exciting beauty section is finally here!

From now on will be the one-stop online shop for ladies who want to dress well and look gorgeous, so say hello to your next beauty kit heroes from cool Korean brands Beyond, Mamonde, The Face Shop, Nature Republic, Aritaum, Etude House, Innisfree, Hanyul, banila co, Sooryehan, and It’s Skin.

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Here is a quick reminder of the beauty Holy Grails you can now shop at, besides the Korean fashion staples we were already known for:

  • Skin care – Every woman wants to enjoy young-looking skin for as long as possible and, with this in mind, we are offering solutions for every skin type and condition, from skin softeners, whitening, brightening, anti-spot and calming products, to sun protection, cleansing oils and nourishing serums. Pamper your skin and it will smile back at you!
  • Makeup – Since radiant skin always looks better with a touch of flattering makeup, pick your favorite BB creams, eye liners, foundations, blushers, lip tints and glosses, and look every inch a glam queen.
  • Masks and Packs – Skin needs constant pampering to look fab, so treat yours to our night packs and masks to wake up looking fresh and ready to go.
  • Bath & Body – Your hands and body also need a fair amount of TLC and they will love our divine hand creams, body lotions, scrubs and shower creams.
  • Hair care – Glorious strands are a strong beauty weapon for any woman. With our shampoos, smoothing treatments and repair masks you will look beyond voluminous.
  • Men’s Beauty Products – Men also deserve a little pampering. Tip your friends, brothers and lovers about our great men’s masks, toners and lotions for a serious beauty addiction.

Keep checking our store for Korean fashion clothing and beauty products regularly! With us you are always in for a treat. To peruse and shop our online store please visit

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