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Beauty Tips For Travel

While traveling, it’s easy to forget your usual beauty routine because you’re on the go and too busy having a good time! Here are a few essentials to pack and keep with you so you can maintain a fresh glow and keep your skin in top shape. Don’t neglect yourself or your beauty routine this summer, below you’ll find our favorite suggestions to stay looking your best during summer travel.

1. Avoid spills

You’ll want to take your Korean skincare products with you on your travels, so keep them safe by placing plastic wrap around the bottles to stop spills. Traveling with creams and liquids is unavoidable, so keep your valuable cosmetics and skincare safe in your suitcase.

2. Use a clear makeup bag

Since you’ll be on the go, grab a clear bag to keep your essentials in so you can see what you need easily. Clear bags are the best for traveling for a couple of reasons. They are most convenient to carry with you to see exactly what you need quickly, and it makes passing through airport security a breeze.

3. Keep your skin fresh and clean with these travel-friendly Korean beauty products:

These Asian skincare products are the best you can buy for your skin and they are all ready to go with you on your summer adventures!
Stress Relieving Cleansing Tissues
Stress Relieving Cleansing Tissues
Clean and prep your skin on-the-go with these convenient skincare wipes. These are already pre-moistened and easy to carry so you can wash your face wherever you go! They clean deep and even remove micro dust, your pores have never been happier!
Mood Maker Masks
Mood Maker Masks
From the best in Korean skincare, firm and tighten your skin with these adorable face masks. Keep your skin glowing, soft, and refreshed during your travels.

4. Stay moisturized

Travel (especially on long flights) can be so drying for your skin. Keep your skin from looking dull with these moisturizing Korean skincare products:
Aqua Blast-Balancing Serum
Aqua Blast-Balancing Serum
Cool and calm your skin during hot summer days and keep your skin healthy and soft, too.
Berry Blast-Brightening Serum
Berry Blast-Brightening Serum
After you’ve cleansed your skin, be sure to moisturize with this brightening serum for a healthy-looking glow.
Brilliant E.G.G Oil
Brilliant E.G.G Oil
This over achieving oil can be used to moisturize your face, neck, and even your cuticles! Make it easy and moisturize with a skincare product that multi-tasks!
Miracle Marine Collagen Concentrate Eye Cream
Miracle Marine Collagen Concentrate Eye Cream
Keep the most sensitive skin around your eyes and lips soft with this ultra-hydrating and gentle eye cream.
Tell Me Your Wish Hand Cream
Tell Me Your Wish Hand Cream

These luxe hand lotions are small enough to keep in your bag to use whenever you need them. Moisturize on the go and keep your skin looking beautiful, soft, and youthful.

It’s effortless to stay at the top of your beauty game when traveling this summer with these beauty tips! Find these globally recognized products and much more at

Korean Beauty Trends

Korean beauty trends are dominating the world of skin care and makeup in 2018. In a stark contrast to the heavily contoured faces in Hollywood, South Korea is bringing their freshest faces forward. A hallmark of Korean beauty trends is a dewy, natural look. Korean skincare standards are second to none and these looks showcase natural beauty instead of covering it up. Korean cosmetics are simple, sophisticated and aim for youthful, glowing skin.

From soft colors to thin eyeliner, here are some of our favorite Korean-inspired beauty looks to try.


Miracle Marine Collagen Set by Ischia

First and foremost, Korean beauty is all about taking care of your skin. In order to achieve the bare-faced refinement and grace of Korean beauty idols, a great skincare regimen reigns supreme. Korean skincare products offer unparalleled results; they are super hydrating, anti-aging and protect the delicate skin of the face. Keep your bare skin looking its best with the Miracle Marine Collagen Set by Ischia. This set offers pure and proven natural ingredients, it has unsurpassed quality and is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Collagen is your best ally for keeping a youthful glow and is the basis for glowing skin and anti-aging. In order to keep your face moisturized and dewy, try the Brilliant Tone-Up by E.G.G. This multitasking product restores your skin’s natural balance, fights blemishes, and reverses skin damage for fresh and full-of-life skin. Korean skincare products include oil cleansers, toners, and sheet masks all for exquisite skin and the basis for Korean beauty.

Dewy, Natural Skin

Aqua Blast Clearing Toner

Korean beauty standards set dewy skin as the new natural look. Thanks to the Korean skincare regimen that keeps skin fresh and supple, this step is paramount to Korean makeup trends. Youthful, rosy, and bright skin is the aim for Korean cosmetic brands. In order to achieve this look, minimal effort is needed with Ariul’s Aqua Blast Clearing Toner. Simply wet your beauty sponge with the toner prior to applying your foundation or place in a spray bottle and give a refreshing spritz on top of your makeup.

Natural, Yet Defined Eyebrows

Eyebrow Maker Powder Pen by Ssanai

One of the best Korean makeup products to try is the Eyebrow Maker Powder Pen by Ssanai. For use by both women and men this convenient pen creates natural looking brows in one easy step. Follow your natural brow shape and create a more polished look by filling in any sparse areas. One of the most popular Korean beauty trends is to create straight, arch-free brows for a sweet and youthful look.

Puppy Eyeliner

If you aren’t familiar with this Korean makeup trend, it’s simply the opposite of the popular cat-eye! The tops of the eyes are thinly lined at the lash line and the tip of the liner draws slightly downward to create round, full eyes.

A Soft Glow

Korean beauty is all about staying natural. Keep colors light and neutral, like pale pink gloss and soft peach blush. The goal is to keep the colors as natural and close to the colors of the skin as possible. Dust a subtle shimmer on your cheekbones and cupid’s bow for a romantic glow.

Try a Pop of Color

Although the key is to stay natural-looking, glamourous orange and red lips are popular with Korean makeup. Usually you will notice pink-tinted gradient lips, but if you wish to try a more dramatic look, you can try Korean-inspired orange lips and bright orange blush. When you’re in the mood for bold color try a vibrant blue or purple eyeshadow paired with a pale pink gloss to give your outfit an unexpected pop of fun color.

For further beauty insights and products please visit

Korean Skincare for Every Skin Type

Korean beauty products are the answer to every skin concern. Whether you are dealing with uneven skin tone, redness, dull and lack-lustre skin, dehydration, or dark circles, the skincare product you need has, most likely, been perfected by a Korean skincare brand already.

We might be all about fashion here at, but Korean makeup and beauty products rank high on our interest list, too. So, if you are trying to achieve complexion perfection (and you probably are since you are reading this), here is a quick peek at our range of products that address every skin type and concern.

Aqua Blast - Balancing Serum

Unsurprisingly one of our best-sellers, the Aqua line is formulated with world-famous Czech Karlovy Vary spa water. It quenches thirsty skin, keeping it hydrated 24 hours a day, fights the signs of aging, and plumps up the skin for a healthy glow.

Berry Blast - Boosting Toner

Berry Blast was created using a vitamin-rich trio of berries and vegan ingredients from the Alps. The aim of this 3-step skincare system is to lift and firm the skin, infusing it with moisture at the same time.

Juice Cleanse Mask

One of our favorite Korean skincare products, the fantastic Juice Cleanse Masks are meant to offer a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Fortified with nutrients and vitamins, and combining potent super foods (kale, lentils, berries), these sheet masks will feed and replenish your skin restoring its shine and tone.

Target Clear Cleansing Tissue

Perfect for travelers and busy people always on the go, Target Clear Cleansing Tissues is a multitasking unisex product enriched with soothing aloe and madecassoside extract. Ideal for removing makeup, cleansing and moisturizing in one step.

Fun tip* These Target Clear tissues subtly pack bug repellent making them ideal for travel hiking, camping, and every day outdoor activities!

For a deep and gentle cleanse, we love the Purefull cleansing foam and tissues. Enriched with natural ingredients like rosemary and black pine leaf, they gently remove any trace of makeup and dust, and nurture the skin.

If you are not on the K-beauty bandwagon, you are missing out. With so many Korean beauty and makeup brands, there is something for everyone, so visit now for skincare products that will enhance your life beautifully.

KOODING Welcomes Four New Korean Fashion and Beauty Brands

Korean Beauty Brands

If you have a soft spot for beauty brands and Korean fashion online, you are in the right place. At we are constantly scouring original brands and we sense you are going to like what you’ll see next. We have added to our portfolio four Korean brands that you will instantly heart and desire, and we are super-excited to share them with you. Expect addiction.

Are you a sucker for natural ingredients? Beauty brand BeauID offers creams, serums and masks enriched with nourishing Shea butter and precious rose extract to replenish all skin types and solve common skin problems. Either you use them yourself or buy them as gifts (any woman will love a set!) these superstars are finally here to give your skin a natural facelift. Bonus for new mommies: the Mom N Baby set for super-sensitive skin.

Mitopia is another awesome brand which takes its cues from nature, using outstanding bee venom and snail extract for its skincare products. Try also the revolutionary Return Twenty line (the name says it all, right?) and experience a spa-like sensation using these hair and body products with intoxicating scent.

If you are the laid-back type who enjoys dressing sporty-casual and is looking for a savvy mix of comfort and style, check out our new Mr. Dumper collection. Made for runners, walkers, gym fans, but also fashion lovers, these beyond cool sports shoes come in endless color combos and styles, and promise to be in charge of your feet’s happiness.

Cool kid in town Elunani is the dream brand of every bag lover. Offering everything from fashionable backpacks to totes and chic wallets, Elunani takes pride in the water-repellent woven vinyl coated fabric its items are made of.

We are always trying to keep your online Korean fashion shopping sessions interesting, so enjoy these new, exciting brands and stay in the know about the latest in fashion and beauty only at www.KOODINGcom.

Korean Fashion and Beauty – the Ultimate Mix for Cool Fashionistas

Korean beauty

What we know from experience is that fashion and beauty complement each other 100%. This explains why we are so happy that our brand new and exciting beauty section is finally here!

From now on will be the one-stop online shop for ladies who want to dress well and look gorgeous, so say hello to your next beauty kit heroes from cool Korean brands Beyond, Mamonde, The Face Shop, Nature Republic, Aritaum, Etude House, Innisfree, Hanyul, banila co, Sooryehan, and It’s Skin.

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Here is a quick reminder of the beauty Holy Grails you can now shop at, besides the Korean fashion staples we were already known for:

  • Skin care – Every woman wants to enjoy young-looking skin for as long as possible and, with this in mind, we are offering solutions for every skin type and condition, from skin softeners, whitening, brightening, anti-spot and calming products, to sun protection, cleansing oils and nourishing serums. Pamper your skin and it will smile back at you!
  • Makeup – Since radiant skin always looks better with a touch of flattering makeup, pick your favorite BB creams, eye liners, foundations, blushers, lip tints and glosses, and look every inch a glam queen.
  • Masks and Packs – Skin needs constant pampering to look fab, so treat yours to our night packs and masks to wake up looking fresh and ready to go.
  • Bath & Body – Your hands and body also need a fair amount of TLC and they will love our divine hand creams, body lotions, scrubs and shower creams.
  • Hair care – Glorious strands are a strong beauty weapon for any woman. With our shampoos, smoothing treatments and repair masks you will look beyond voluminous.
  • Men’s Beauty Products – Men also deserve a little pampering. Tip your friends, brothers and lovers about our great men’s masks, toners and lotions for a serious beauty addiction.

Keep checking our store for Korean fashion clothing and beauty products regularly! With us you are always in for a treat. To peruse and shop our online store please visit

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