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Top 10 Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know For Awesome Style

If you’re looking to add more K-fashion to your life but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We guarantee you’ll find a brand for you, too, because these top Korean fashion brands range from timeless and classic to trendy and daring. Read on to discover the hottest brands to come out of Seoul:



When it comes to wardrobe staple pieces, BASIC HOUSE plays no games: this unisex brand’s entire collection consists of essential pieces that every closet needs. From the perfect hoodie to the wear-everywhere coat and tapered trousers, this brand has everything you need when trendy fast fashion just won’t cut it. 

No matter your style, every BASIC HOUSE piece you own is guaranteed to be a mainstay in your closet.


Mind Bridge

Not the business casual type? You’re not alone — that’s why Mind Bridge has created a sleek line of professional, yet chic office wear that doesn’t compromise your personal style.

From subtly-printed blazers to button-ups and turtlenecks that are stylish and not stuffy, Mind Bridge designs with the fashion-conscious professional in mind.



Edgy, edgy, and even more edgy: OPEN THE DOOR’s wild prints, fabrics, and silhouettes are NOT for the shy or timid.

Nothing is off limits with this grungy Korean fashion brand: wild jewelry and funky accessories for both men and women are ever present throughout the brand, as are goth-inspired platforms and unique pieces that would make any Y2K fashion lover’s heart flutter.



Let’s be honest — what K-fashion lover doesn’t adore Chuu? This feminine and trendy Korean brand is known for not just staying on-trend, but starting them altogether.

From the iconic 5KG Jeans line to their instantly noticeable models, it’s no wonder how Chuu quickly became a household name to fashion connoisseurs around the globe.



For updated style, opt for STYLEMAN’s full range of current and trendy pieces. This Korean men’s fashion brand has everything you need for the quintessential men’s K-fashion look; from striped button-up shirts to slacks that have tons of stretch, you’ll find anything and everything you need for your everyday wardrobe.



Part of our Modern Hanbok Collection, LEESLE is a must-shop for anyone who loves Korean fashion because it blends traditional Korean silhouettes with current patterns, colorways, and designs. The result? An outfit that refuses to compromise tradition OR style.

Available in both men’s and women’s styles, LEESLE is your one-stop-shop for authentic Korean fashion.



TIAG is all about casual menswear that never goes over-the-top.

This brand makes looking cool effortless through their collection of simple graphic tees, neutral-colored coats, and so much more. It’s no wonder why Taehyung of BTS wears them!



What makes this brand so popular in Korea? The fact that it has something for everyone. NANING9 is a brand that prides itself on blending flattering silhouettes, trending colors, and interesting patterns for an outfit that stands out while maintaining an everyday appeal.

Above all, NANING9 prides comfort over everything; their ultra-soft fabrics and looser fits ensure you’ll never face a piece you can’t wear cozily.



Trendy, masculine, and classic describe REDHOMME‘s collection. This brand exemplifies cool Korean menswear by keeping their pieces subtle, powerful, and clean.

If you’re looking to shop exclusively from one brand, consider REDHOMME for its ultra-versatile range of nearly everything you need, from basic tees to the coolest of outerwear.



“Classic” is what you’ll find within JUSTONE‘s range of conservative style clothing. This brand is an excellent option for anyone looking for modest Korean fashion that is chic, stylish, and cute.

Even if you aren’t a modest dresser, JUSTONE‘s collection makes everyday style an effortless experience. With over 300 styles to choose from, it’s easy to see why.


Which of these top Korean fashion brands are you interested in discovering? Which do you think should have made this list? Sound off in the comments & tell us your favorites!

What’s Hot: Style Picks by KOODING


The once preppy pattern has become an edgy street style in Korean fashion trends. Plaid styles from skirts to jumpsuits, to this super-feminine Mocobling Eyelet Blouse are now a trendy street fashion trend and we’re obsessed with it.

Girls Eyelet Blouse by MOCOBLING

K-Pop Trends

There are a few chic trends to follow this summer in K-pop inspired fashion. Cut-outs, off-the-shoulder and crops tops like this Crop Vent Sleeveless Tee by Choper are all favorite picks. Of course, graphic wear and athleisure street fashion are always popular.

Vacation Styles

KOODING has everything you need to get ready for a vacation get away; bikinis, canvas totes, whimsical summer dresses and more. This Revenon Bikini N Dress Set by Jstyle is the perfect choice. This three-piece set is convenient and ready to go to warmer climates with you.

Comfy & Casual

Korean fashion definitely embraces the casual chic style. Summer is the time to be comfortably fashionable. Graphic tees, stripes, and cozy jumpsuits are perfect summer wear, especially our in Ba Ba Linen Pants by LaGirl.

Korean Street Style

The Korean streetwear trends this summer are chic, in vogue, and as always edgy. Experiment with layers, crop tops paired with plaid button-up shirts. Play up androgynous looks with wide-leg denim and ball caps. Enhance your silhouette in boxy tees paired with sneakers and add fun details to your outfit for extra glamour. Destroyed Denim Pants by Choper are classic ripped jeans that can be worn casual or dressed up. Ripped jeans are comfortable, versatile, and always stylish.


Korean fashion styles for men range from casual pieces to refined, more polished looks. Casual streetwear stylesinclude graphic and oversized tees and athletic wear. Clothing can always be mixed and matched to fit one’s original and unique style. Korean streetwear can range from preppy, to edgy, to vintage. There is so much room for every personality to be expressed. Slim-fitting pants and cropped slacks are popular picks for men this summer. Collared shirts can be worn casual or more formally like this silky, chic Pocket Open Collar Shirt by RedHomme.


Romantic styles are trending this summer. Ruffled, light blouses are perfect for work or casual settings. Add a hint of flair with charming cold shoulder pieces or poetic lace. Flowydresses are ultra glamorous, especially in dainty florals and romantic lace styles. Idyllic colors like lilac, soft white, and delicate pink are perfect for a romantic look. This bright, cheery yellow Flower Age Dress by Cherryville is perfect for summer occasions and events.

Flower Age Dress by Cherryville

Work Ready

Bows and ruffles, fashion blouses, and pencil skirts are a great fit for work. Prean Blouse by Withipun is well-paired with skinny pants or a skirt. Stay stylish even at work!

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