5 Ways to Transition Your Favorite Summer Dresses into Fall/Winter

If you think that transitioning to your winter wardrobe means packing away your favorite summer dresses, think again. Inspired by Korean street fashion, we figured out 5 smart ways to wear your floral and strappy dresses during the cold season without the shivers.

Idel Coloration Dress

  • When it comes to wearing a flirty dress in winter, layering is key. Pair a fit’n flare number with a cropped sweater, or throw an oversized cardi or pullover on top so that your lightweight dress peeks out at the bottom. Add sneakers or ankle boots to keep your feet warm.
  • Rock any strappy or sleeveless dress over a thin fitted turtleneck (bulky items will make your summery dress bulge) and pair with cool combat boots for a slightly grunge look. This is a staple Korean winter fashion look which allows for lots of creativity.
  • Another great idea is to match a basic white shirt with a sleeveless white dress: it will give the illusion of a sophisticated one piece looking très chic. Layer with a smart trench coat and embellished boots.
  • We are currently in love with one of the latest fashion trends for women: skin-tight over-the-knee boots worn in lieu of tights. Layer your breezy dress over a thin knit and pair with a short wool cape or poncho that falls just an inch or so above the dress for a peek-a-boo effect.
  • Slip your dress over a warm turtleneck and layer over anything from a sturdy leather jacket to a puffer vest to a cozy wool coat, add thick tights (doubled by a pair of knee-high knit socks), a cool beanie, a scarf and you are channelling your seasonless dress in style, a perfect example of how to mix and match ladies fashion clothing flawlessly.

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