3 Winning Korean Fashion Outfits to Try this Fall

Transitioning through seasons from a fashion point of view can be nerve-wrecking. Just when you had settled into a routine of maxi dresses, shorts and frilly tank tops, you have to switch departments and rethink all your everyday looks. Running out of outfit ideas? Here at KOODING.com we are particularly excited about 3 Korean fashion looks. Read on to discover them.

The Classy Lady

Whether for the office, business meetings, or just smart lunch dates, this look will whisper chic from afar. We cannot get enough of the First Present Jacket, so we thought it would look fab with a pencil skirt and the gorgeous Pearl Blouse, accessorized with a pair of nude stilettos  and a pretty handbag or clutch. A winning look for when you want to dress to impress.

Shirred Pearl Blouse

The Tough Chick

Dressing like an off-duty model looks rad and feels comfortable at any hour. Happy to keep things casual-chic? Grab a cool biker jacket (we chose a lilac one for extra coolness), team it with skinny jeans and a white, universally-flattering V-neck tee, a roomy Korean fashion backpack and cozy sneakers that will take you anywhere. Breezy and fresh.

Soft Lilac Jacket

The Career Girl

Going for a job interview? Your ensemble must involve a trench coat. This beautiful outerwear item conveys elegance and credibility, and that’s already a good start, right? Layer your trench over a pretty fit-and-flare dress (and pair with our Karen flats), or tailored pants and a lace top (and a de rigueur pair of oxfords). To both looks, the Daily Item Bag is the ideal finishing touch.

Juke Vent Slacks

Go on, start creating your favorite fall looks with Korean fashion items and be ready to stand in the spotlight. With thousands of items to be discovered online at KOODING.com you are going to be busy this season.

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