3 Men’s Korean Fashion Trends to Wear this Winter

Men have become more interested in fashion over the past years giving the industry’s biggest talents further reasons to come up with a myriad of exciting new trends. To give you a hint of what’s hot this winter, we picked the top 3 trends you should be wearing in the upcoming months. No excuses

2 Ways Padding Vest

Padded Outerwear

What was once the favorite trend for chilly weather of the British country aristocracy is today, thanks to global fashion, a must-wear for every urban gent who embraces a sporty-chic style. From padded bombers to padded oversized coats to padded vests, this is the best way to go easy on all those under layers because cozy padding will keep you well insulated. We believe this to be the new obsession of the season, so mark padded comfort wear on your to-buy list.

Vent Turtleneck Knit Vest

Camel Vibes

If you are not a fan of strong colors (bright orange, we are looking at you), you will be happy to know that any shade of camel works just as great this winter. The subdued color does not limit to outerwear anymore, and can either be sported from head to toe, broken with cream or navy, or paired with prints.  A camel coat is obviously a classic, but camel pants, camel cardigans and camel turtlenecks (by the way, the high neck happens to be In this season, too) are also sure to put any guy on the style map.

: Pleated Sweatshirt

In Your Face Statements

Designers thought long and hard this season and decided that upgrading basic items to first class Instagram status meant printing oversized words and statements on their clothes (so, in case you are strongly opinionated about something, don’t be afraid to say it with your fashion). Everyday sweatshirts and knits suddenly become more interesting thanks to captions in capital letters, don’t you think? If you don’t mind all eyes on you, this trend will get your nod of approval.

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