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October 2017

Get to Know our KOODING Team!

Hi! Welcome to KOODING’s blog.

It’s always hard to put a face to a brand, ESPECIALLY our brand because half of our team hates getting photographed. If we look like a ghost team, I can ensure that we’re not My name is Grace and I’m here to introduce our KOODING U.S. team to you. I have to work with what I’ve got so we’re going old school style (in other words, without the fancy pictures/filters, videos, etc. just my beautiful drawings).

Let’s start with the two head honchos of the team.
Justin & Steve.   Don’t worry, you’re not seeing double. Justin and Steve are twin brothers that have a passion for business, fashion, cars, and marketing.If you ever need help with detail and analytics, just ask Justin. He’s a pro.
Steve is skilled in engineering and jokes. He’s always one to say something witty during a team meeting. Don’t ask them where to eat for lunch though, you’ll die of hunger.

Belle   is the mother of the team. If you’re ever sick, Belle will always have some vitamin C lying around. As the head of marketing, she is organized, detailed, and probably the healthiest one in the office. OH never mind, I forgot about Kendall.

Kendall  is in charge of graphics, web design, and sarcastic comments. Don’t ever believe what he says the first time, wait till the second. Kendall doesn’t eat…ever. I’m not sure if that makes him the healthiest or the most likely to survive a huge disaster.

Helen  is in charge of operations and she’s the one to go to if you ever need to find something. Reliability, speed, and survey taking are Helen’s strengths. She has a hideout in our office where she likes to stay and she goes on some crazy adventures during the weekend. If you want a story, just go to Helen.

Jim  is the newest addition to our team and he’s the master backend developer of our office. I have no idea what he does half the time because I don’t know anything about code but he’s the pro. His computer is always really dim so don’t think his computer is off, that’s just his preference.

Now you’ve come full circle back to me 🙂

I’m Grace  and I’m in charge of digital content creation / social media. Probably the most unhealthiest in the office, I’ll always have a snack lying very close by. I also have the largest computer in the office which Steve always makes fun of but I’m not complaining 🙂 Being the youngest in the office is fun but difficult. I’m learning a lot and working at a startup is always crazy, or so I’ve heard, but enjoyable nonetheless.

I hope you made it this far and I hope you got a small taste of what our U.S. KOODING Team is like! I will be doing my best to update our KOODING Blog as often as possible so you can get to know us a little bit better! Stay subscribed and talk to y’all soon!


The Best Men’s Fashion Trends for Fall 2017 (and a bit of Korean fashion advice)

Men’s Fashion Trends for Fall 2017

Apart from the de rigueur classic pieces, every man’s wardrobe needs a few trendy items that confirm him as a guy with his finger on the fashion pulse. Every season, strives to offer male customers innovative and impossibly stylish products to create eye-catching outfits, and this fall is no different. Here are some of the hottest global fashion trends that you should invest in right now (with a bit of luck, they may turn out relevant for seasons to come).

Pleats have made a huge and unexpected comeback straight from the 80’s. You can wear your pleated pants baggy, but we think straight styles look more dapper with a tee or a classic sweater. If you really feel this trend, take it one step further and get a pair of mock pleated joggers, too.

Double-breasted jackets might raise some eyebrows at first, but if you love the glorious 80’s, you will embrace them instantly. The double button rows evoke office wear, but today they can be worn anytime. The secret to channeling the trend right is to choose your jacket oversized and pair it with slim pants so all the emphasis goes towards the top. However, if you are not a fan of this style, just make sure you have a fitted blazer for this season and wear it as often as you can for extra fashion points.

Designers seem to have been feeling the 80’s blues quite much lately, since another big trend of the moment is… anything that was cool back in the day. 80’s nostalgia includes grunge, hip-hop and new wave styles (laid-back sportswear rules), logos and slogans. The bigger the better.
Roll necks, a perennial Korean fashion favorite, are again huge this fall. They can be layered with cozy cardigans or denim jackets, and are perfect for windy days when you’d rather ditch the scarf.

In terms of colors, earthy shades like moss green and orange lead the way, while among the most popular footwear styles are the versatile Chelsea suede boots and the bulky kicks. is here to help every style-conscious man make the best wardrobe choices for every season. Explore the best of Korean fashion online and look your best this fall.

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