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June 2017

4 Tips on How to Wear Your Jumpsuit Right This Summer

Jumpsuits do not intimidate women anymore. They are in fact incredibly popular right now because they provide the ideal all-in-one solution to every summer wedding, party, and formal event, allowing for endless styling ideas. If you love jumpsuits as much as we do, here are some tips to keep in mind before you slip into yours:

  1. Accessorize


    No jumpsuit is too boring if you are wearing the right accessories. To make your onesie stand out, cinch your waist with an elegant belt to create a curvy silhouette and add a hint of glam. Defining your waist is a major fashion trick – use it to your advantage.

    Tip: Choose a sophisticated metallic fashion belt and pair it with the Watson Jumpsuit. Nothing will look more elegant at a summer wedding.

  2. Choose the right fit


    It is quite easy to look polished in a jumpsuit that fits flawlessly. You don’t want it too baggy (frumpy clothes don’t flatter anyone), nor too tight (the word alone sounds painful!). Worry not. We’ve got the Perfect Fit Jumpsuit for you. Yes, it bears this name for a reason.

  3. Layer


    Either you add a jacket on top, or a tee/turtleneck underneath, your jumpsuit will instantly look more interesting when layered. Blazers and leather jackets are the ideal complement for formal looks, while plain tees and off-the-shoulder tops are key in creating trendy off-duty outfits. Our top choice is the gorgeous Flea Jumpsuit with relaxed fit. Fabulous for lazy weekends.

  4. Pair with the Right Shoes

    The rule of thumb is to wear heels with wide leg styles (a combo that will make you look taller and slimmer) and flats with cropped jumpsuits and rompers for a breezy beach look.

Want to go beyond the dress and pants and step into a more fashionable territory? has lots of gorgeous Korean fashion jumpsuits to choose from and love. We are foreseeing a sexy summer!

Korean Fashion Tips for Curvy Ladies Based on Body Type

It is time for plus-size ladies to start emphasizing their curves instead of hiding them. First, make sure you know your body type. Then, simply follow these tips:

The Plus Size Hourglass

Body fitting Dress

This is the easiest body shape to dress since the bust and hips are approximately the same size while the waist is narrow. Choose fit and flare dresses that hug your killer curves and enhance the waistline giving you a chic retro look. Another great option are flattering flared peplum tops and body-fitting dresses like Rohead Knit Dress by JStyle, if you know how to play with proportions.

The Plus Size Pear

Stretchy Jeans

Your hips and derriere are the ones that stand out, so be prepared to balance them to get a well-proportioned silhouette. Create a winning outfit with a nice pair of Resturn Hidden Banding Pants by JStyle with high waist and plenty of support around the thighs and hips and a boxy top Brantun Pocket Blouse by JStyle that boosts your smaller upper body.

The Plus Size Apple

Oversized Tunics

Wider in the middle, apples can minimize their round areas with slim pants and oversized Butimer Basic Tee by JStyle with loose waist. Mini sheath dresses work great thanks to the straight cut in the waist area and short hem that reveals a lot of leg.

The Plus Size Rectangle

Oversized Jacket

If your curves are not well defined and your hips and shoulders have a similar width, you can create a fuller silhouette and added shape with a shift dress, Jatin Button Tee by JStyle and an oversized Stuo Washing Bomber by JStyle.

Korean fashion is the answer to your wardrobe struggles, especially if you are having a hard time finding flattering clothes for your body shape. Check for more full-figure styles that were designed with women’s curves in mind and let us help you achieve your desired looks. You will feel more confident than ever.

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