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February 2017

The White Shirt: 4 Ways to Style a Korean Fashion Staple

Korean Fashion White Shirt

Ask any woman and she will agree: one can never have too many white shirts.

A Korean fashion favorite, this versatile piece is the key element to effortless yet outstanding looks. Ready to invest in a true closet essential, ladies? Here is how to mix and match it.

  1. The Casual Look

    Casual equals comfortable, which means you will have to tuck your white shirt into skinny jeans or a denim skirt and pair it with your coolest sneakers to achieve a relaxed ensemble. Tip: the Light Pocket collarless shirt is just what you are looking for.

  2. The Office Look

    Your workplace is the ideal environment for a classy white shirt. Wear it with a tailored skirt or pant suit and a strand of delicate pearls and you will be the polished picture of professional perfection. The classic Light Washing Cotton Shirt looks like a fantastic choice, but so does the feminine Mercy Silk Blouse. Hard to choose.

  3. The Sophisticated Look

    For a fashion-forward appearance you will only need a white dress shirt. Ok, it looks like a shirt, but it is slightly longer and can be worn with or without tights, just like any other dress. There are endless accessories to make this dress shine in a new light, from an attention-grabbing belt, to dramatic jewelry to an oversize leopard print clutch. Just think outside the box.

  4. The Elegant Look

    Close your eyes and imagine Carolina Herrera in her most iconic outfit: a crisp white shirt paired with a gorgeous floor-length circle skirt. The woman is the epitome of effortless chic. We recommend the Oversize Basic Cotton shirt for a dramatic Korean fashion look, and a pretty pair of stilettos.

Now, ladies, what is your favorite way to wear a white shirt?

Korean Fashion Trends – Eye-Catching Florals

Eye catching florals

Women and flowers. Beauty, grace and poise at their finest. This spring, Korean fashion will be celebrating ladies and blooms with the must-wear floral trend that every fashionista will be channeling. And as usual, at – your destination for the best Korean fashion online – will have you spoilt for choice.

Let’s face it: there is nothing more beautiful than a woman wrapped in a floral dress. Perfect for a day out with your besties, lunch with your mom, or a daytime party, our must-have floral dresses are waiting to grace your wardrobe this spring.

If you are not looking for a head-to-toe botanical theme, opt for a floral top, such as the Lady Chiffon Flower Blouse and match it with unicolor bottoms. Want to blossom from waist down? A dainty floral skirt will look perfect with a cozy knitted sweater.

The beauty of Korean fashion online is the multitude of options it offers. Show your passion for fashion florets anywhere, anytime, with a hooded coat, sexy underwear, a warm sweater, or a subdued hair tie . Anything works, and this season is all about blossoming, so just dare!

Last but not least, an unconventional way to wear the trend is flower-shaped lace, punch out floral trimmed fabrics, or floral appliques which lend a 3D touch to any look.

Flower-shaped accessories want their fair share of attention, too. Show everyone what floats your floral boat with a little bling like the Flower Song Bracelet, the Girl than Flower Ear Cuff, or even a flower smartphone charm.

Punchy florals are huge right now and if you are worried about looking like a walking bouquet this spring, don’t be! The more, the better. Flowers never hurt anyone, anyway.

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