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February 2016

Korean Skincare Products – A Woman’s Passport to Radiant Skin

Korean skin care products

Beauty starts with flawless skin. True fact. But what you should know is that conscious women who follow a rigorous skincare routine swear by skincare products packed with ingredients that come from nature (that’s right, porcelain skin is not just a stroke of luck!).

Having said that, if you are a Korean fashion and beauty aficionado, you might want to say hello to your beauty bag’s next super-heroes. Mitopia, the latest addition to our swoon-worthy skincare lines, has just what you need to make your visage look radiant and glowy.

Enriched with precious active ingredients, such as snail slime and bee venom (celebs like Victoria Beckham and the Minogue sisters are fans of this natural ingredient, while the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly followed a bee venom therapy prior to her nuptials), these creams, serums and lotions have a very precise target: to moisturize, repair and replenish skin.

Bee venom, known to cause a rush of blood to the skin (meant to stimulate production of natural elastin and collagen), together with nourishing Propolis, strengthens the skin and prevents irritation. Rough skin instantly becomes smooth and soft, all signs of redness are relieved and sebum is kept under control.
Snail secretion, another fantastic ingredient used in Mitopia skincare products, enhances skin elasticity, increases the levels of moisture and restores tired, saggy skin. It also has positive effects on acne scars, roughness, deep wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

To all the ladies who love to pamper their skin with a complete skincare routine – everything from cleansing and toning to intense hydration – we’ve got you covered! This and much more is waiting to be discovered at Remember to check out the Mitopia skincare products next time you are planning a Korean fashion online shopping spree. You and your skin will thank us later! For further information or to shop our online store please visit

Elunani and DDPOP: Meet the Coolest Korean Fashion Accessories of the Season

Korean Fashion Accessories

With spring around the corner, your wardrobe is craving for a facelift. And what better way to jazz up your outfits than with cute Korean fashion accessories? Since here at we strongly believe in the power of accessorizing, our number one choice when it comes to sprucing up our looks is a rad bag.

Whether it’s a roomy tote, a practical backpack, a professional-looking briefcase, a cool sling bag with retro flair, or a classy shoulder bag, these babes are going to take your outfits from ok to oh-wow.

We have recently added to our range of bags a new brand you are going to L.O.V.E. Elunani is famous for its woven vinyl coated fabric created with gorgeous intricate yarn patterns. Their collections are not only fashionable; they are incredibly practical, too. Boasting a subtle glossy texture, these bags are perfect from desk to happy hour. The fabric used for the durable Elunani bags is water-repellent, which means they will look as good as new if you are suddenly caught in the rain, or living in a highly humid climate.

Once your carryall is sorted, envelop your smartphone in a show-stopping case – it will look so chic when you take it out of your Elunani bag. We are looking at the adorable DDPOP phone candy, another new addition that will soon become a must-have for every girl who loves beautiful things. The new über-cool cases are either accessorized with soft blooms, sparkly Swarovski crystals, colorful fringe tassels and furry pomes, or showcase trendy animal prints. You will want your phone to ring non-stop so you can flaunt it, trust us!

The great thing about Korean fashion online is that all this can be yours with just one click, so sit back and enjoy browsing our new and fabulous accessory collections. Your spring is about to get incredibly trendy! For further information or to shop please visit

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