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October 2015

5 Korean Fashion Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs this Winter

5 Korean Fashion Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs this Winter

Since you are always looking for the edgiest pieces, quirky accessories and look-at-me outfits to stand out in any crowd, we’ve got good news: Korean fashion ticks all these boxes and more.

Feeling invisible is so last season, and now that you found your go-to online fashion emporium,, you can start building a brand new wardrobe.

For some quick fashion inspo, here is a list of winter must-haves we are swooning over right now:

  • The Ladylike Cape

    This cape is so hot, so now, that we can’t wait for the chill so we can sport it with nonchalance. A truly fine piece of Korean fashion clothing, this chic layering piece will give you a luxe appearance from office to happy hour. Match yours with heels or boots. Polished perfection.

  • The Cozy Scarf

    Winter accessories are meant to ward off the cold while looking stylish, and you will simply heart this soft, enveloping muffler, a Korean fashion staple, that you can wrap around your neck or drape around the shoulders for a snug feel.

  • The Distressed Jeans

    With a second-skin fit, this is the love-now-wear-forever piece your wardrobe needs. Slightly distressed and flatteringly faded, this superstar pair of skinny jeans can be matched either with a lace top and heels, or edgy boots and a loose fit top. Denim perfection.

  • The Fringed Ankle Boots

    Wow! These drop-dead gorgeous high-heeled ankle boots are ranking so high on our “like” list, and we are dying to pair them with denim skinnies and flattering pencil skirts! Which reminds us once again why we are so addicted to the versatility of Korean fashion.

  • The Pretty Ear Cuff

    For ladies who want to make a fashion statement without trying too hard this ear cuff is the perfect item to attract every glance. Rock this mismatched beauty with swept back hair and let it catch the light beautifully.

Let yourself be seduced by our Korean fashion clothing, shoes and accessories! We promise a long-lasting love affair. To peruse the lasts fashions and shop our online store please visit

Looking Fabulous while Pregnant – A Definite Must!

Maternity Daily Item

Being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean that you give up your right to look beautiful and feel sexy. One can take a leaf out of Kim Kardashian’s booklet who is pregnant, yet still very stylish.

These nine months are already too lengthy and painful as your body changes. Swollen feet, constantly extending waistlines and bouts of morning sickness are enough reasons to upset and distress you. But if you can look and feel beautiful, it is just the thing to uplift your soar spirits.

By wearing the right garments, you can easily look and feel great. International fashion lines are at the peak of their business sharing their unique style with the world and that is especially true with Korean fashion clothing.

Women tend to cover up behind bulky clothes while pregnant, but what they don’t understand is that you look much slimmer and radiant when you celebrate this joyous time in your life with fashionable body enhancing fashion such as Korean fashion clothing targeted for the fabulous trend setters and mommy’s to be!

Maternity clothes are all the rage and popular brands have a separate maternity line. They have revolutionized pregnancy by showing off the bump, making it a fashion statement. Korean fashion clothing line such as MomnMom’s are famous for their maternity clothes.

Their clothes are supremely stylish and super comfy. Leggings and skinny jeans are an all-time favorite wear. Complimenting these skinny jeans with a loose top, either printed or plain whichever suits you, are the perfect way to parade your curves while not going overboard. This is just one of many styles you can adopt. Whether you want a casual look or something extremely trendy, the modern maternity lines available at offers a fabulous range of styles.

Korean fashion has something for everyone! Let KOODING help you look your best; especially when pregnant! For further information or to peruse our online store please visit

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