New Vibes for Fall- Classic and Comfortable


KOODING, the new fashion and lifestyle knockout, is mixing femininity and power into one very alluring visual. This Korean based E-commerce store has set a new pace for women’s fashion this fall.  A refreshing delight in design, this group has steered away from the harsh sway of runway inspiration, and has instead opted to pull together looks that you can live in. A beautiful and flawless mixture of patterns, colors, and cuts made to flatter without compromising style, a difficult job that KOODING does very well.  The romantic and flirty feel surrounding many of the pieces is decadent and exciting.

What sets our store apart from many others online is that we offer women an invaluable asset: options. The availability of colors for many styles is impressive. The days of “if they only had it in (insert color here)” are over. Another highlight of KOODING styles are the fluidity of each piece, an innovative relationship between comfort and class. Beyond that the sheer amount of different lines we carry is sure to win over even the most skeptical fashionista. From the boardroom to your late afternoon yoga class we have it all.  With the addition of a rather pleasing price point it is hard to contest that KOODING is well on its way to being the new best friend of the 20-something woman who never knows what the day may bring.

With our user friendly and easily navigated site, you can effortlessly breeze through the picks for the coming seasons. As an added perk join KOODING as a member and receive $10 and 2% back for every dollar you spend and opt into our newsletter to stay up to date (optional), now that’s an offer you can’t refuse. Real customer testimonials are also available as well as links to follow KOODING on your favorite social media platforms for a chance at being featured in our online gallery!  The latest Makeup and lifestyle products and accessories to enhance your day-to-day life fashionably, and the greatest of what to wear for every event, what’s not to love?

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